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Work mode:
10:00 - 22:00 (on weekdays)
9:00 - 22:00 (on weekends)
For hotel guests:
10% discount on key card

Waterpark "Limpopo" is a unique structure in terms of size and number of various water attractions, known and loved around the world, such as Anaconda, Orange River, Zero Gravity, Waterfall, Hydrotube and many others.

Also, the structure of the water park includes many pools, baths, a spa club, relaxation areas, bars and restaurants.

unique rate is available to guests of Atlantic Hotel by USTA Hotels, which includes a visit to the water park throughout the day (without time limits) and hotel accommodation at a special the price.

If you want a cozy environment for relaxing in a small company, the water park offers individual comfort companies.

  Comfort is a company this :

  • Individual cabin with a comfortable soft area and a private sauna
  • Advance appointment by phone
  • Queuing out
  • Personal bath accessories: bathrobes, towels and slippers
  • Free access to all the attractions of the aquazone of the water park

Details, cost and booking:
Guests of Atlantic by USTA Hotels receive a 10% discount on the hotel’s key card.

From October 30, a new access regime for visitors will be introduced at the Limpopo water park. The entrance will be carried out strictly by the QR code of vaccination.

Without a QR code, access to the water park will be impossible. Please take care of everything in advance!


Atlantic by USTA Hotels!