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Verkhnyaya Sysert


Banquet hall "Atlantik"

A small cozy room decorated in bright colors is an excellent choice for family dinners and banquets.
Hotel «Atlantic»
40 guests
(depending on seating arrangements)
Gifts for a wedding party or the anniversary



Cost from
2 000 rub.
Microphones and sound equipment
Internet, Wi-Fi
Extension cords
Flipchart with a block of paper and markers
The table
A tribune for the speaker

Large conference room

100 sq. m
50 guests






Cost of an hour from
1 100 rub.


When renting a hall for 8 hours you get a 10% discount (the above price is already indicated at a discount), and the projector is free.
On weekdays before 18.00 the minimum booking time is 4 hours. On weekdays, after 6 pm and on weekends, the minimum booking time is 2 hours.

The cost of the conference room includes: screen, Internet, Wi-Fi, extension cords, flipchart with a block of paper and markers (when booking a hall for 2 hours, the cost of flipchart paper is 300 rubles).
Furniture: chairs, table of the presidium, tribune for the speaker.

Optional equipment

Name Cost, rub.
Multimedia projector 2500
A laptop 2000
An additional block of paper for the flip chart 300
Notepad and pen 100
Water Aqua Minerale 0.6 liters / BonAqua 0.5 liters 70
Water Branded 0,5 liters 50
Cooler with water (19 liters), plastic cups 380

The Atlantic Hotel by USTA Hotels has all the conditions for a comfortable stay, but also for successful work. This factor is especially important for people who come to Yekaterinburg to solve business issues.

The conference room of the hotel is designed for 50 people. It is ideal for seminars, conferences and business negotiations. The room can be designed according to your needs.

The hall has modern technical equipment and two relaxation areas with soft sofas.

For guests of your event, meals of any format can be organized

You can check out the wine list here .
It is also possible to create an individual version of the buffet, taking into account the wishes of the organizers of the event.

You can get detailed information from our conference manager:
Phone: +7 (343) 312 37 37 (add. 4111), +7 922 02 50 189